Wednesday, May 07, 2014

How amazingly coincidentally appropriate is this topic?

I don't think I could've planned a more appropriate topic for the first post of my resurrected blog: Zombies' Easter.
Earlier, I posed this question to some people: do zombies love or hate Easter? I'd say zombies may love Easter because it's the one day that it okay for the reanimated, formerly-deceased to be out and about. With the exception of Halloween, Easter may be the one day of the year in which zombies are not vilified.
Or maybe zombies hate Easter because of the hypocrisy of it all: it is okay, even celebrated, that one formerly-deceased guy (Jesus) was reanimated / resurrected, yet every other reanimated person is loathed? Is it a double standard?
There is no doubt in my mind that the story of Jesus' reanimation is the original zombie tale. Considering one of the most common beliefs within zombie lore is that infection is spread through direct contact (particularly consumption and cross-contamination), it is evident that Jesus is a zombie. And it is through the 'Body of Christ' rite that maintains the zombie lineage.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I truly think it is time for me to search for different employment. Working at a hotel in a small town just doesn't do it for me anymore (not that it did initially either...).

Amazing. For the duration of at least two years, I don't have any posts...and once I finally do starting posting again, it's to complain. good times are back again.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Well I'm emotionally wiped. I wrote my British Literature exam today and the only positive aspect of the experience is that I now know what to expect for the final. Why couldn't there be a question about the significance of the sheepfold in "Michael"? Or something about the Wordsworth's benediction to his sister in "Tintern Abbey"? That stuff I know.. Sadly I used the maximum time allotted and I still did not complete the entire exam. I discovered this as I was quickly rifling through the booklet and spotted the beginning of an answer (one sentence to be precise) and the remaining page blank. Maybe I'll get one point for it?

After coming home feeling quite defeated, I then receive news that my beloved cat Iago has passed away. He was quite a character. He came with me to school in London, and he fell in love with a friend of mine, claiming her as his own. Along with my other cat Gaffer, they were sure to get into some mischief. One particular night out, I came home only to discover they had found the stash of catnip and ate a good portion of it (at least a gram's worth). They were sprawled out in the middle of the living room, content as can be. Needless to say they were incapacitated the next day as well. Iago was also the type of cat that would become quite indignant if you dared to laugh at him (he once slipped off a ledge during a jump) or would literally turn his back to you if you came home 'smelling like another cat'. Granted these are human traits that I'm perceiving, but he definitely did have personality. At the age of 13 Iago departed this realm and is now with his friend, 'brother' and boy-toy Gaffer. He will be greatly missed.

He has been buried with friends Cous-Cous and Yaya.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Expressions & Sayings

There are some expressions that I've heard over the years that have caused some confusion. I have yet to find a satisfactory explanation for them and so my search (albeit idle) continues.

  • "Search me" - Search you for what? This is an expression used when the person does not have the answer to the proposed question. So would the expression, "search me" infer that even if the questioner were to search the person, they'd find not a single piece of evidence to the question?

  • "White on rice" - Erm, rice generally isn't white. Unless this is some sort of derogatory comment I'm unaware of. What? Was rice introduced to the Western world and we took a really liking to it or something? Regardless, this expression puzzles me. I get the intent, just not the significance.

  • "Piss like a race horse" - Again, I understand the intent, mostly. Does a race horse pee more frequently or with more velocity than a regular horse? Or is it implying something about once it's out of the gate it's off and going? Therefore, does the need to urinate comparable to the race or the actual race horse?

So you can see why I seldom get everything on my schedule done. I have nonsense such as above dancing around in my head. But thank goodness I know it is a "half-penny" and not an "impadue", as that makes that Christmas song make a little more sense.

Until then,

Thursday, October 09, 2008


I know I've mentioned this already to some people, but today as I was enjoying my apple with peanut butter, I was thinking how awful it would be that if I were in public school right now, I would not be allowed to bring this great snack. It is of course, due to the risk of nut allergies in some kids attending the school. Which makes me wonder, could there be a school (private?) that could be a 'not nut-free environment'? Now I am not making light of the situation some have with this allergy, however, it seems to be yet another example of this over-sterilized world we are producing. Why must 98% of the students be denied to right to bring with them supplements and food items that are healthy and tasty. Although I did not eat a lot of nuts as a child, I couldn't imagine not being able to bring a Nutella sandwich to school or even a slice of pecan pie (not that I did, but still). And I know people will say, "Nut allergies are serious." And I am not arguing with this fact. I am, however, stating that we are the ones producing this environment in which viruses have become resistant to antibiotics because of everything we 'treat' our meat and foods with. In addition, many allergies are grown out of, including nut allergies. This of course is done under doctor's supervision, but there is a chance that some of the kids afflicted with these allergies and are avoiding nuts may not necessarily be needing to. So what's the point of this rant? I would like to find a school that allows kids to bring nuts to school and if unsuccessful with locating one, I'd like to start one (albeit lacking funds to do so).

Saturday, October 04, 2008


There is a group I am envious of ~ motorcycle enthusiasts. As they pass one another on the roads, there is that gesture of acceptance and recognition, all with the simple wave 'hello'. These riders typically don't know each other, they just see a fellow rider and wave in a statement to say, "we have similar passions". I'd love to have that sort of comradery. There has been a brief moment in which I considered myself on a motorcycle, but then I remember it took me until the age of 12 before I was able to master the pedal bike. And using the term 'master' is being quite generous for my cycling skills. So do I wave to each vehicle that is similar to mine? What would be the criteria? And would it work as I'd be the only person doing so, thereby looking like a complete nutter. There'd be no comradery, just some confused drivers.
oh well.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vote for Nature

The other day I was pursuing my bookmarked web pages and among them was the Nature Canada website. The leading article, Vote for Nature, prompted me to send the petition included to all of the political parties in Canada. The significance of this whole thing is that not a few days later, I received an email from the NDP (New Democrats) stating their support for animal welfare and other relevant platform issues. It truly is appreciated that there is a response when addressing politicians, albeit a template for responses, to confirm that perhaps some of our concerns are being addressed by the fat cats.

Also included is a link for WSPA and all of the leaders' responses regarding animal welfare. They encourage us to read each party's response to assess exactly what their views are. Granted one's personal opinion, or even what they promise is significantly different from what they actually do, but it's still moderately informative. WSPA Vote for Animals

As you may notice, the Conservatives chose not to respond to the survey, which makes it abundantly clear the level of importance animal welfare is on their agenda. hmmm.